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Jack & Sam Friendathon
Recent Entries 
15th-Sep-2009 02:14 pm - Ficlet: Twelve Down, by holdouttrout
Title: Twelve Down
Characters/Category: Jack and Sam Friendship
Summary: From the jacksamfriends prompt: 12. "I knew I shouldn't have answered my phone this morning." Written for sg_fignewton's birthday.
Rating: G
Words: 305

Twelve DownCollapse )
6th-May-2009 08:44 pm - Prompt release
We're releasing these bunnies into the wild. There can never be too much Sam and Jack friendship fic, and there's never a wrong time for it, so feel free to grab one (or more!) of these prompts and write a fic.

Post it or link to it here (posting is now open to all), so we can share in the glee. Rules that aren't about the ficathon still apply (see the FAQ).

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13th-Apr-2009 07:34 pm - Masterlist and Author Reveal
SG-1 Teamy Goodness
Thank you all so much for your participation! We've been completely bowled over by the response - both by the quality of the stories, and by the sheer amount of people who took part. Here's the masterlist of fics posted (which may be added to, with one or two bonus fics from latecomers).

Authors, don't forget that you can "track comments" to keep an eye on feedback to your stories. Of course you're now free to post your fics elsewhere and respond to comments, as you're no doubt itching to do!

jacksamfriends Fic (Alphabetical by Story Title)

Becoming A Team - samantilles
Bedtime Stories - lilyleia
Broken Leg, Broken Brain - crazedturkey
A Candle in the Window - poohmusings
Conversations With Sharks - seldear
The Cookie Master - xfirefly9x
Cure For The Common Birthday - holdouttrout
Downtime - not_a_zatarc
The First Ten Years - suzannemarie
Fix - petite_stars
Insubordination - nandamai
It's Not Easy Being Snaked - gunhilda
Just Another Alien Planet - ryf / yviwriting
The Long Night - aurora_novarum
Moments Fit to Remind - rgcraeg
Not Always Superwoman - kejsarinna
One Of These Afternoons - beatrice_otter
Out Here In The Ether - rgcraeg
Principles Of Leadership - ziparumpazoo
Reciprocal Regard - sg_fignewton
The Saving Grace - traycer_
The Stars Are Bright On Abydos - sg_betty
The Stars Have Gone To Bed And So Must I - pepper_field
Stockholm Syndrome - annerbhp
Survive - magnavox_23
Three Wishes - rachel500
What Happens On Missions... - beanpot
Yesterday Is A Mystery, Tomorrow Is History - draco_somnians
12th-Apr-2009 06:30 pm - It’s Not Easy Being Snaked
Title:It’s Not Easy Being Snaked
Author: gunhilda
Rating: PG
Warning/Spoilers: Vague references to episodes involving the Tok’ra, mild language
Prompt: Sharing symbiote experiences - Jolinar-Kanan
Summary: Sam and Jack, stuck in a pit. Sam is being cranky; Jack tries to be helpful.

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10th-Apr-2009 11:40 am - The Cookie Master
Title: The Cookie Master
Author: xfirefly9x
Rating: G
Warning/Spoilers: Mention of death.
Prompt(s): Cookies
Summary: Sam and Jack make cookies for Daniel after another of his deaths.

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7th-Apr-2009 09:52 am - The Saving Grace
Title: The Saving Grace
Author: traycer_
Rating: T
Warning/Spoilers: minor character death
Prompt(s): Rescue
Summary: Sometimes all it takes is a friend to help with the pain brought on by life's uncertainties.

The Saving GraceCollapse )
7th-Apr-2009 09:51 am - The First Ten Years
Title: The First Ten Years
Author: suzannemarie
Rating: PG
Spoilers References to various episodes throughout the series
Prompt: Bonsai

Summary: On the eve of Sam's departure for Atlantis, the original SG-1 has one last get together, leading to a quiet conversation about leadership at the end of the night.

The First Ten YearsCollapse )
7th-Apr-2009 09:50 am - Out Here in the Ether
Title: Out Here in the Ether
Author: rgcraeg
Rating: PG
Warning/Spoilers: none
Prompt(s): Ingrid Michaelson - Breakable - lyrics: and we are so fragile, and our cracking bones make noise. We are just, breakable, girls and boys...
Summary: "Have you ever thought about what protects our hearts? Just a cage of rib bones and other various parts."

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7th-Apr-2009 09:49 am - Bedtime Stories
Title: Bedtime Stories
Author: lilyleia
Rating: G
Warning/Spoilers: Teeny, tiny bit of Sam whump
Prompt(s): You think that's bad... and Out of the frying pan, into the fire
Summary: When Sam's injured, Jack attempts to weave a fairy tale with a lesson. If only Teal'c and Daniel would quit being so darn helpful.

Once upon a timeCollapse )
7th-Apr-2009 09:48 am - Becoming a Team
Title: Becoming a Team
Author: samantilles
Rating: PG
Warning/Spoilers: Anything through Fire and Water (Season 1-ep. 13)
Prompt(s): Decompression
Summary: Sam and Jack ponder when they went from a group put
together to a team, post "Fire and Water" while watching over Daniel
in the hospital.

How did this happen, Carter?Collapse )
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