Jack & Sam Friendathon

The Jack & Sam Friendship Ficathon
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This is the place for lovers of honest-to-goodness friendship fic featuring Samantha Carter and Jack O'Neill.

So how does this work?

You remember those grab bags from the fair when you were a kid? You'd grab a number and then get a prize bag with that number, but wouldn't know the prize until you look inside? It's like that.

1. Everyone can (and hopefully will) submit prompts (don't need to commit to writing fic).
2. The mods will take all the prompts, use our DartboardRandomizer X3000 to combine them into random groupings, and shuffle them all up into a big numbered list.
3. Next, people sign up to write fic and ask for a number.
4. The volunteers will get whatever combo relates to that number. You can choose to use one, two or all of the prompts to come up with a story.
5. At the submission deadline, writers will email their fantastic stories to the mods at jacksamfriends@googlemail.com
6. Mods will post all the fics. There will be much rejoicing.
7. One week later, another surprise! The mystery authors will be revealed. There will be more rejoicing.


1. No character bashing.
2. Stories must be "gen" (defined here as NO romance, attraction, flirting, etc., between members of the team).
2. Stories must be betaed/proofread/spell-checked before submissions.
3. Don't forget to include a rating!
4. All writers must provide a valid email address. (comments in sign up WILL BE screened to protect your privacy).
5. Fics should be 500 word minimum (you won't be kicked off if it's less, but try and shoot for the goal). There is no maximum word count.
6. Spoiler policy: if your prompt or fic has to do with the two latest SG-1 movies or Season Five of Atlantis (or later), please label it accordingly.


Prompts: January 7-16, 2009
Signups: January 22-29, 2009 We're kind of ignoring the end of the signup time. If it's still not March 30th yet and you're interested in remaining grabbags, come on over.
Submissions: March 30, 2009
Reveal: April 6, 2009